My Name is Hamza Khan. I am 15 years old and am a Grade 10 student at a private school in Hamilton. I am a straight A student, and I strive to accomplish my goals and tasks thoroughly.

I have spearheaded a study group community at my school, and I am the lesson review coordinator. At school, I am fully involved in a variety of committees, sports clubs, and organizations.

I also peer tutor other students in my school, including the English Conversational Circles program, where Hillfield students assist refugees in their homework and English language. I am involved in the peer helpers student-based organization, where students find ways to stregthen school community and help others worldwide.

Outside School during the summer, I take my position as a junior counselor at McMaster University Engineering and Science camp for students grades 1-8.

Service Details:

I am commencing a Peer Tutoring Program for Grades 1 - 9 students. I am willing to teach Math, English, French, Science, and other important communication skills to students. The cost is $15/hr.